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The Rebirth of

As indicated elsewhere on this beautiful shiny new, yet old website, this is a new birth for this site. The old girl was obsolete, so I took her out back and put her out of her misery. And what is growing in her place is a nicer, stronger, more useful and up to date, and all around badass site.

The web’s changed a lot, and although I’ve had this website for several years -5 or so- I often burn it to the ground to keep things fresh. I don’t plan on running a repository or archive for the internet’s use or anything, so in the name of my hosting bill, it makes practical sense as well. I keep my files hosted at GitHub.

Not a world has really changed since I began the site, amazingly. WordPress is still a tank chugging along, with starry-eyed developers nipping at its’ treads. Setting up websites has gotten a bit more complex and time-consuming, with things being so mobile-intense, and so many options available to developers. Lots of expectations and considerations that didn’t exist 5 years ago. Many for the better, mind you. Being able to work with SVG and the focus on accessibility is great, for example. HTML5 opens up some much needed doors, as does the WordPress REST API.

phoenix photo
Like the Phoenix, is rising from the ashes

Another plus of nuking the whole site is being able to use a new theme. Just like I’m a big fan of going to the pound and getting a free dog, I’m a big fan of finding solid free themes for WordPress. And they exist. I don’t see any reason to spend $50 plus for a theme that isn’t necessarily going to be around tomorrow any more than something on the WP theme repo. And I feel it’s a safe bet the┬áthemes the ThemeShaper/Automattic develops will be around as long as WordPress is around. And that’s where I snagged this theme on this site. I use and modify Automattic’s themes all the time and The Foundry’s Make theme is an awesome free theme that’s super-versatile and well-built and maintained. Their premium themes are quality, too.


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