About a Blog Blog

This current version of ablogblog.com is version 4, after just nuking the last iteration of the site, SEO be damned. That’s how I usually do it, anyway. Pull the band-aid off in one quick YANK.¬†

Things change on the internet¬†so fast that it’s just not practical for me to try and keep a site about blogging current. I’m just one bloke. And there’s no reason to keep my reviews of Bootstrap version 2 up on the site, or a review I did of a video camera that’s all but obsolete these days. So I clearcut and started from scratch. Even a new host. I did the same thing over at my main website, or what’s my main website NOW, that I don’t have access to my usual domain for about 40 more days, thanks ICANN.

My plan for this site is to keep my thumb on the pulse of the CMS world, web design and development trends and cool things I find during my job and daily online poking-arounds. I’ve been blogging for over 8 years now so I have some thoughts and tips for maintaining a presence online via blogging and social media. There’s a way to do it right without it taking over your life.