How to Write Awesome Headlines

The importance of knowing how to write awesome headlines has become crucial if you regularly write for the web. Just like on a magazine rack, authors have a split second to grab your attention, then lure you into seeking more based on that brief introduction. A strong first sentence helps back the title up, but ultimately, you need just as awesome content. That isn’t what this post is about, and there’s plenty of  material telling readers that “Content is King” on the internet and beyond. A fair question I wonder is that if content is king, then what is the design of a site?

With the proliferation of the web, there have become several trends I’ve noticed which have become more than trends; they’re now very mainstream, for good or bad. That’s firstly the amount of poorly edited copy online, at least for English-based websites. I just finished reading a post about how it’s essential to spell-check and review grammar, and tie up loose ends, and the post itself appeared to be written by an 8-year-old, that didn’t speak English as a first language. I am well-aware that many non-English speaking people are online, which isn’t the issue. The problem is sloppy writing causes the reader to stumble and fight his/her way through your text. That’s not how you win readers. However, that’s more of a gripe about something over which I have scant control.

The second item that has become commonplace is writing lists. And just any old lists; list for “The Most Amazing…” or “The Best EVER…” There are a lot of superlatives that tend to overstate the magnitude of the piece, and in the spirit of competition, every author seems to be striving to out-do the others in sheer hugeness. That deadens the reader to the actual good stuff that hidden in the cracks of Twitter and Pinterest and other commented and authored sites, unfortunately.

So, inline with breaking nearly every rule I have for writing interesting content with this one post, I present a free article that offers 102 proven headline formulas (There’s that list again).  It’s a pdf, so just be aware.


Here’s how to write the grooviest titles…

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