How to Start a Blog

A blog blog is created with you as the main topic. Yes, there are great content ideas and blogging resources aplenty here that I use as a blogger as well, but there’s a more basic reason I created A blog blog, and that is for YOU and your benefit.

I know a lot of people think blogs are for computer nerds, aspiring writers, hipsters, egomaniacs or some combination of those. It does work well for those people’s goals. But a blog does a lot more. It creates fresh content that helps your site rank better. It establishes you as an authority. It helps improve your writing and thought processes, in that it forces you to think in a more organized fashion, expand your vocabulary, have better grammar, and learn more in general. It documents your life in part, and acts as a journal for reference. And, to a small degree, it immortalizes you on the web, for whatever that’s worth.

So if you’re here, you’re probably interested in how to start a blog on your own. It’s pretty easy, and gets easier by the hour, it seems. The choices of platforms are growing, and the friction to get up and running lessens all the time.

You surely have noticed there are a LOT of people setting up a blog online. And everyone has advice on how to do it it best. I’m pretty sure I’ve read them all in some form, and tried most of them, either with success, or failure. Free sites, paid services, self-hosted sites, dedicated servers, shared servers, domain registrars out the wazoo, Apache, node.js…you name it.

The time has come to start assembling what I’ve learned over the years, with considerable expense, be that in time, money or emotional pressure. I have never had an enormous blogging budget(as in, the closer to $0.00, the better), and I’m a DIYer by nature, so naturally I look for value. And that’s what I’m passing on to you. If you have any tips, please send me an email or post it on A blog blog.

What a Blog Blog will do for YOU:

  • Help you build a better blog or website in less time and with less money.
  • Whether you want to blog to make money or create a website to build a prestigious blog, gain power and worldwide
    domination, build trust and credibility for yourself or your brand, or just out of vice in order to smite your enemies, you’re covered.
  • You will save a lot of time, money, confusion and frustration here. A blog blog is a culmination of ideas and blogging best practices.
  • Learn SEO tips and techniques.
  • Find valuable resources to trick out your website.

References abound for you here, whether you’re a beginner or expert. There are people and sites that are great, and some that stink. You will find what I believe to be the best and most valuable resources that have been filtered from the Internet.

So stay a while and if you like the sound of all that, and subscribe! You won’t be spammed, and you will only receive the best blogging tips and tools when the time is right. No one likes to be spammed, and I promise A blog blog won’t spam you.

The resources found within will get you and your new blog up and running in as short a period of time as possible. Whether you are a blogging beginner, or an expert that wants to share advice and tips, there is something for everyone, without all the technical jargon and nerd-speak.

Video blogs (vlogs), photo blogs, product reviews, where to blog, how to post a blog, how to do a blog, tips for writing content that gets clicks, blog to make money, and everything in-between and thereafter is contained here. So let’s go!